How to Plant a Dope-Ass Garden

The concept for this animation was to make a video that would show the viewer how to plant and take care of succulents. I wanted to make these cool little icons and place them in a design that you wouldn't normally see them in, such as a video that swears and uses terms from the millennial's generation.

30 Days

30 Days is a mobile application that allows the user to choose and keep track of 30-day challenges. The challenges range from physical to mental. Once you do the challenge you can post your results to friends so they can see your progress, as well as keep track of reaching your goals.

Noble Savage

For this craft beer label I wanted to use vector illustration. I made icons of weapons you would see a Viking use, such as an ax, sword, spear, and bow and arrow. I added a grunge texture over the design elements to give it a rough edge. Overall, I really wanted the beer to look very masculine, while remaining clean.


Condados are these really cool restaurants located in downtown Columbus, but their website did not have as much character as it could. I brought the inside of their restaurant to the website. I combined illustration with a very clean type face as well as photography. These things together made for an awesome contrast in design elements.

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Ziggy Records

I really love music and wanted to design something that showed it. Ziggy Records is a record store inspired by the 80s, with bright colors and funky patterns. The concept was to brand this record store to target millennials who are very creative and have a love for music. I also wanted to keep the overall design very cohesive.

The Roux

The concept behind this restaurant rebrand was to make the brand very sophisticated. Most of the inspiration came from France. The logo uses hand-brushed lettering that pairs with a vector pattern. I really wanted to use mixed media to show the uniqueness of The Roux.


Lush is a very well-known cosmetics company. They only use fresh ingredients. The concept was inspired by their bath bombs and the patterns they make when dropped in the bath water. I did this by using actual results from bath bombs and capturing them with my camera.